Richard Rodgers Theatre Tickets

The Richard Rodgers Theatre has been hosting record-breaking shows on Broadway for almost a hundred years. It’s one of New York’s most popular theatres, but its seating capacity is a modest 1,319 patrons. This means that sell-out shows are an everyday event. Plan ahead and get your tickets today to be sure you secure a seat. Get ahead of the game and book your tickets here, using our preferred resale ticket provider, Ticket Squeeze. We’ve established a great partnership with Ticket Squeeze, to ensure that you’re using only a trusted ticket agency. Your tickets are guaranteed 100% authenticity, which you won’t always get with other ticketing agents.

This site is not affiliated or sponsored by Nederlander Organization or Richard Rodgers Theatre and is not an official ticket seller of Nederlander Organization. This site links to resale tickets for events at the Richard Rodgers Theatre. See the Disclaimer page.

To view a list of events, view the Richard Rodgers Theatre Schedule or click here to view more broadway tickets.

Richard Rodgers Theatre Tickets

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Richard Rodgers Theater Tickets

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Booking your online tickets with Ticket Squeeze means they come direct from Richard Rodgers Theatre’s website. You can purchase the tickets you want knowing that they’ll always be the real deal. Not all ticket agents offer the same guarantee, so be sure to use the Ticket Squeeze system when you buy. We can’t guarantee the authenticity of Richard Rodgers Theatre tickets if you book them through any other agent or website.

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We know how important it is to see the show in company with your friends or family. So when you visit the Richard Rodgers Theatre, you’ll want your group to all sit together. Our advanced ticketing system can do this, with a side-by-side booking algorithm that ensures all group members have seats close together.

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Event Cancellation and Refund Policy

Shows are sometimes canceled, due to illness or other crises. We know how disappointed you’ll be, but unfortunately bad things happen. What matters is what comes next, and we guarantee you won’t end up cheated of your money or your show. Our booking system is designed for full protection of your ticket purchases.

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Ticket Authenticity Guarantee

Our guarantee with Ticket Squeeze means your tickets will always be 100% authentic. Ticket authenticity is our primary commitment, so you can book with confidence. It’s unfortunately not the same for all booking agents or unscrupulous website operators.

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Richard Rodgers Theatre tickets obtained from any other ticket agent may not have the same guarantees. If you do buy tickets elsewhere, ALWAYS check the price. Study all ticket terms and conditions thoroughly to ensure they’re 100% authentic.