Richard Rodgers Theatre Seating Chart

The Richard Rodgers has a wide range of seating, just as you would expect in a historical theatre. Beautiful tiers that hold memories from many years passed at previous performances throughout the year, choose from; Circles, Balconies and boxes and select your ideal seats for you, your friends and your family. Whether you prefer to be right up in the action at front of stage or higher up with a vast view – this venue has it covered!

richard rodgers theatre seating chart

Choose from four main sections, the stage area, the Orchestra, front Mezzanine or back Mezzanine, and from 1,319 chairs in total! There is more than plenty of options and areas to relax and soak up the atmosphere of dazzling Broadway. With the stunning décor surrounding you and the very best actors and vocalists taking to the stage, you will feel like you have been whisked away to another time!

What are you waiting for, come and experience what the Richard Rodgers Theatre has to offer for yourself!

Seating Capacity

The Richard Rodgers Theatre officially seats 1,319+ people in three primary sections, the Orchestra and two Mezzanines, Front and Rear. In addition, there is some standing room and 8 boxes, each containing a cozy 3 seats.

Accessible Seating

The Richard Rodgers Theatre provides full assistance to patrons requiring audio-visual aids or help to get to their seats. Seats numbered 1 through 8 in Row B are set aside for patrons with limited hearing or vision.

6 wheelchair-accessible spaces are located in the rear of the Orchestra section, in Row H, on the Left and Right sides. Companion seats are provided, and there are also 10 aisle-transfer seats with movable armrests in the aisles of Rows A-F.

4 aisle-transfer seats are also available at the bottom of the sloping section, at L1, L2, M1 and M2.

The Orchestra level at Richard Rodgers Theatre is step-free from Rows CC-H and is easily reached from the main lobby.

The Mezzanine sections are considered unsuitable for patrons with limited mobility, as they have steep stairs and no designated wheelchair or transfer seats.

Seating Sections


The Orchestra Floor at the Richard Rodgers Theatre has 25 Rows labeled CC at the very front of the stage, then from A going back to X at the rear of the sloped section. There is no Row I. From Row L, the Orchestra is designed stadium-style with handrails and steps up to each Row.

Seats are numbered rather strangely, with a central block of seats going from 101 on the right to 113 on the left. The blocks on either side of the center are numbered Odd on the left and Even on the right, with seat numbers starting at 1 and 2 adjacent to the central block and ascending to 27 and 28 on the outside.

There are fewer seats in the front Rows, so as to accommodate the boxes in two tiers above. Views at the rear of the Orchestra level from Row M may be obstructed by the overhanging mezzanine level. Sound quality may also be limited. After Row S, the overhang obscures your view of the upper part of the stage.


The Front Mezzanine is the lower of two elevated levels in the Richard Rodgers Theatre. 6 Rows labeled A to F are split into Left, Center and Right sections. The seat numbers again go from center outward, from Odd 1 to 27 on the Left and Even 2 to 28 on the Right. Center Mezzanine seats are numbered from left to right, from 101 to 114.

The Rear Mezzanine uses the same numbering scheme, and has 8 Rows. This is where you’ll find the cheapest seats in the Richard Rodgers Theatre, as they’re farthest from the stage.

Box Seats

Boxes A, B, E and F are on the left of the stage and Boxes C, D, G and H on the right. Boxes A, B, C and D are closest to stage level on the lower tier. Boxes E, F, G and H are slightly higher on the upper tier. The boxes are the closest you’ll get to the stage, apart from the front row, but offer an angled view which sometimes conceals the action at stage rear.

Best Seats at Richard Rodgers Theatre

You’ll get the best views from the middle of the Orchestra and Front Mezzanine.
Orchestra Rows B to H, seats 105-109 offer the best head-on views of the stage.
Rows A to C, seats 104-108 in the Front Mezzanine also offer a great view, though slightly more distant.

If you’re seeking value for money, middle seats in Orchestra Rows E to J are much cheaper than premium Orchestra seats. On the Front Mezzanine, choose Center seats in Rows D-G, or Rear Mezzanine Rows A-C.

You’ll get the most legroom in the corner seats and front rows: Orchestra Row CC, Mezzanines Row A.