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Angelica… Eliza… wait are we hearing this right? The Schuyler sisters! Who else might it be? Alexander Hamilton! Yes - Hamilton is returning to Broadway once again! The Tony Award-winning production by the amazing Lin Manuel-Miranda is running in New York, New York! The story of America then, as told by Americans today. This astonishing production is a must-see for both theatre lovers and those who are not too familiar with live plays yet. Hamilton is a musical everyone will relate to - with its modern take on 1770s America, the production brings forth an inclusive cast singing and rapping songs that makes you want to get up and dance.

Hamilton will go live at the Richard Rodgers Theatre on Tuesday 23rd January 2024! Tell every single person you know - your friends and family will not regret immersing themselves at this outstanding production. The chart-topping hits and several Tony Award wins should be able to persuade you to finally see for yourself why people can’t get enough of Hamilton!

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The depiction of Alexander Hamilton's life, occurring in the late 1700s, is both uplifting and heartbreaking. The musical transcends time and intriguing because of its masterfully addressed themes of love, tragedy, pardoning, and aspiration. The story is skillfully told through hip-hop, showcasing a diverse cast of black and brown performers. “It assumes a unique significance when you see black and brown entertainers narrating the genesis of our nation,” remarked musician Lin Manuel Miranda.

The Guardian expressed on the show's unconventional setting and shared only laudatory opinions. The author stated, “Its rousing opening scenes remind us of that great American concept of equal rights and touch on slavery and civil rights in the 18th century. “I didn't expect making it past 20. In the place where I originated, some get only half that,” chants Hamilton at the commencement, and his lyrics resonate the dangerous destiny that awaits so many of America’s black or immigrant disadvantaged stratum now, as talks concerning Black Lives Matter demonstrations have highlighted.”

It’s true - the musical score of Hamilton is unlike any other Broadway musical. The diversity of musical elements, encompassing hip-hop, pop, and R&B, sets Hamilton apart from other theatrical productions. During the musical's 46 songs, the characters sing and rap approximately 20,000 lyrics at a pace of roughly 144 words per minute. In addition to its many accomplishments, Hamilton the Musical attained something a small number of stage shows have achieved: a Pulitzer Prize. This critically acclaimed musical secured an additional accolade to its list of honors when it earned the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 2016.

Fun fact: The lines in "Guns and Ships" claim the title for the fastest spoken words in Broadway musical record. It’s indeed a breath-stealing song!

Brace yourselves to experience this celebrated musical live as it graces

the stage in New York, New York! Hamilton is a groundbreaking theatrical production that has imprinted its mark in history. See it firsthand at the Richard Rodgers Theatre on Tuesday 23rd January 2024. There is stage production as extraordinary as this. Reserve your tickets to the show right away before it’s over! Tap ‘get tickets’ to start your purchase.

Hamilton at Richard Rodgers Theatre

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