Hamilton at Richard Rodgers Theatre

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Richard Rodgers Theatre | New York, New York

Finally! Some good news! Your favourite will be heading to your city for the spring, 2022, return to the road! The production you have seen popping up all over, the brilliant Hamilton! You'll be able to join in with this theatrical fun on Wednesday 4th May 2022, in the awe-inspiring Richard Rodgers Theatre, New York City, New York! It'll be a night you won't be forgetting anytime soon! Its a contender for the top play we have ever seen! So, get some tickets now, because theatre goers are already buying them all! Select the 'get tickets' link on this page, incase they all sell out!

It’s the Broadway smash hit that is the story of America then, sung in the America of now, playing in Richard Rodgers Theatre on Wednesday 4th May 2022 in New York City. Hamilton, over three hours of witty hip-hop tunes, rap battles, fantastic set pieces and absolutely outstanding choreography which will no doubt leave you stunned. Believe the hype, Lin-Manuel Miranda's hip-hop musical about the life of American founding father, Alexander Hamilton, is a vast achievement, and a enormously entertaining piece of work. So do not throw away your shot, this is your one chance to purchase your tickets to the ultimate musical phenomenon hitting America right now. Hamilton is one of those performances that is like catching lightning in a bottle in that every night is distinctive and can never be repeated. You won’t be sorry, you won’t have time to be anything but amazed, this is an incredibly fast-paced, non-stop lyrical verse of the American battle for freedom from the viewpoint of American founding father Alexander Hamilton. So, come on down to Richard Rodgers Theatre and you too can tell everyone you were in the room when it happened!

Hamilton at Richard Rodgers Theatre

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